Monday, August 8, 2016

Heartland Center for Leadership Development

Helping Small Towns Succeed
Engaging Leaders.  Building Communities. 
Sustaining Success.
30th Anniversary Celebration of the
 Heartland Center for Leadership Development

October 11-13, 2016

Snow King Resort Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Paul Lachapelle, Associate Professor and Extension Community Development Specialist, Montana State University
Dan Clark, Director, Local Government Center, Montana State University
Blake Christensen, Associate Director, Local Government Center, Montana State University
Understanding Community Capacity Building.

With the recent centennial of the Smith-Lever Act of 1914, Cooperative Extension educators working through Land Grant Universities have many years of experience to draw on.  This session provides a broad overview of the role of community development in Extension across the US and outlines specific programming in Montana.  Programs includes content in local government research and technical assistance, community foundation education, leadership development, and work with tribal communities.  Discussion will be oriented toward understanding the role of Extension within the broader community development framework.

Paul Lachapelle
Paul is the Montana State University Extension Community Development Specialist. His general responsibilities involve providing research, technical assistance and workshops on various community development topics to strengthen the social, economic and environmental well-being of communities across the state. Specifically, he works toward providing resources and programs in many areas, including community strategic visioning, leadership development, community tourism and development.
Dan Clark
Dan Clark joined the Local Government Center in April 2008.  Previously, he served as the Statewide Director for the Montana Horizons program from 2006 to 2008.  Dan also worked as a Montana State University Extension faculty member in Teton County from 1997 to 2006.  During this time, he served as Mayor of Choteau, Montana for four years.  He earned his Bachelors and Masters Degree from the University of Arizona in Agricultural Education and taught high school agriculture for three years before joining Extension.  
Blake Christensen
As Associate Director of the Local Government Center, Blake provides training, facilitation, and technical assistance to local governments and organizations across the state of Montana. Previous to his current position, Blake served as associate general legal counsel for a large international maritime company, where he counseled executive leadership on legal liability and business transactions. He earned his bachelor's degree in political science from Brigham Young University and juris doctor degree from William & Mary Law School.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Clue Number 2 From Seward, Nebraska--Emphasis on Quality in Business and Community Life

Clue No. 2 from the Seward County Interns.
Emphasis on Quality in Business and Community Life – People in successful communities believe that something worth doing is worth doing right.  Facilities are built to last, and so are home and other improvements.  Newer brick additions to schools are common, for example, and businesses are built or expanded with attention to design and construction detail.
Rating of Seward: 1 being highest.

      We have yet to see a yard, house, or business that needs major attention to the yard or structural integrity. 
   The local High School and Middle School have both been built fairly recent.  They have also done a wonderful job keeping the landscaping, parking lots, and sports fields well kept. 
     The downtown is composed of older buildings, but have not seen any major damage or any lack of care.
     If any new renovations are coming up, involve the youth.  They are the ones whom will be there to take care of in the future.

Overall Seward is a very nice and well-kept town.  From my observations, they have planned and continue to plan for the future by investing in quality structures or town attributions that will stand solid for years to come.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Clue Number 15 from Holdrege, Nebraska

Clue No. 15

Strong Presence of Traditional Institutions that are Integral to Community Life

Churches are often the strongest force in this characteristic, but other types of community institutions such as newspapers and radio stations, hospitals and schools also fill this role.  Service clubs retain a strong influence in social activities as well as in community improvement efforts.  Holdrege has a strong presence of traditional institutions in their community life.

Holdrege Rating: 1 for high

List the evidence that supports the rating of this characteristic

1.      Holdrege has a great school system in which they hold a lot of tradition and pride.  They also passed the bond for a new elementary school.
2.      The Swedish Days happen every year and focus on the Swedish heritage of the community. 
3.      Rotary Club has meetings every week to focus on Holdrege as a whole
4.      Holdrege puts out a daily newspaper. 
5.      There is a very strong Christian presence in the community.  There are many churches with different denominations all located in Holdrege.
6.      Chamber of Commerce is very active with the community. 

Suggested Actions for Strong Presence of Traditional Institutions
1.      Better involvement with youth in the community. 
2.      Better collaboration between service groups and churches.